Studio Location:
AKIN Collective
87 Wade Avenue, Unit 101
Toronto, Ontario
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artist statement...

Suzanne Dennis is a Toronto artist who enjoys the joyful challenge of producing abstract and non objective paintings. Inspiration comes from patterns, textures, colours and details found in nature and man made objects both ancient and modern. Such things as; stone surfaces, secular, religious and mythological artifacts, elements of landscape such as rock formations, water, sky and the cosmos. The sources are innumerable and found everywhere. Travel has provided the opportunity to enjoy exposure to a wide variety of inspiring and historical elements. Recorded in photos, theses images provide the portholes to her initial compositions and finished paintings.

The creation of a painting is a journey which begins with a compositional roadmap. Then using acrylic paints, collaged papers and a wide variety of mediums, the materials are manipulated with brush work, brayers and tools for mark making. Paintings are multi layered and richly textured. This creative process involves much experimentation, spontaneity and a healthy quantity of intuition and self trust. The one constant is that of joy found in creativity.

suzanne's artistic process...

My process as a painter starts with selecting an image that resonates with me, sketching a likeness of the composition, then creating my interpretation of it through paint.

original process photo>process step 2 - sketch>process step 3 - painting